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53 out of 100 gamers thought this was helpful

first time I saw this game in the game cafe, looks so interesting.

Then I tried to find and bought it. The first images is what is this rules, It’s a lot of rules for different style of playing.

The most interesting of this zombie game is you can play it alone but three characters options.

Wow, a single person take control of three different angle of view.

My personal, I have zombicide 2nd season and I plan to get the expansion pack for it and the 1st season. I heard theres a ways to connect it between the 1st and 2nd season.

It’s competitive, because what do you need to survive and collaborative to help each other then solve the game mystery.

Go to the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective page
10 out of 42 gamers thought this was helpful

This game really inspire me to be more analytic in playing and more carefully when you read some clue to get or connect it with another clue.

During a time of play this game, you need more relax to get the clue clear in your strategy for solving each mystery on the card.

The clue is on the card, to help you solve the mystery.

I have a fun time to solve this game with my colleague, during our trips.

I wish this game can have more expansion or series like the novel of Sherlock Holmes itself.

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