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This is a quick game to pick up. It can be a quick game to play. I’ve lost in five minutes before. But it’s a really great game to play. (I promise I have won a few times!)

I will be honest, if you have someone you play with that likes to control the game play, this is not the best game. The people that are new to the game will be stuck a little bit with the first few moves. A person that likes to control the action of the game can get a bit over involved early and may never give up that control.

I’ve said how much fun it is to lose, and that there is an issue with heavy handed gamers, now on to the good parts. This game is really, really fun. Yes, it’s really tough to win, but it is possible. When you do win the feeling you get is exhilaration – You’ve saved the planet from biological destruction! Even the feeling you get when you lose is quite exhilarating – “Ahhhhhh! Outbreaks.”

All the people that I’ve played with have really loved the idea of a cooperative game. They have also enjoyed the different roles that you take, and the way that you use those roles. The movement actions can be somewhat difficult to get at first, but within a round everyone usually has it. The whole removing a block for curing a virus usually takes about two rounds to figure out. Within that time hopefully you’ve managed the viruses well, because people have it now, and they are travelling around kicking virus butt.

There are just so many frustrating aspects to the gameplay (in a good way) that make this game really great. Shuffling cities back into your draw pile after an epidemic – maddening! Outbreaks – insanity! Disease spreading just after you have found the cure – ridiculous! It’s a great game because it creates a sense of panic to do the right thing, and even when you do the right thing, up pops another problem somewhere else.

Overall, a really great game. I find it’s good for people who are not competitive (against other people) but enjoy a challenge (and are ok with losing!)

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