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Sword & Sorcery

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I’m a dungeon crawl board game lover.
I’ve owned Imperial Assault and Descent.
I have Massive Darkness and played Gloomhaven
And now i have S&S

Imperial assault was perfect DC game for my, but i always felt lack of some Fantasy aspects in there. Tried with Descent, but since IA is actually 3.0 of Descent, i always felt like IA is way better game.
Also, what’s wrong with both games is that there are too many expansions.
Way too many. I had everything for IA and sold it all

Massive Darkness -> Great components, bad campaign, good game to bring to the table when you don’t want your brain melted.

Gloomhaven -> Good game, too long, it becomes repetitive after a while.
Would love better component quality for some stuff…

S&S -> Brilliant. Campaign with Book of Souls is perfect innovation at least for me. The way the actions are handled (you have number of actions for attack, movement and free to assign actions)
Heroes and their development, how they come up with differences between the monsters. Just brilliant. AN example on hot to create a game where you don’t need hundreds of miniatures to have variety. The more the merrier, but i’m happy with what i got.

It’s not easy, you need to learn it, but it’s easier than Mage knight for example (way easier). It’s somewhere in between Massive Darkness and Mage Knight with complexity.

Don’t have anything to add, you have plenty of videos on YouTube. Just wanted to say that i’m thrilled that i was able to find the game that takes me to the table more often then any other game…

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