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Bang! The Bullet!

55 out of 70 gamers thought this was helpful

Very intriguing trying to guess what everybody’s roles are in the game and fun to shoot your friends. I recommend this game for all gamer types.

For Strategy gamers, this game has limits. Depending on the experience of other players, you can easily figure out who is which role within the first 2 rounds, as Outlaws all shoot the Sheriff, and Deputies then react by shooting those who shot the Sheriff.

I always feel sorry for the Renegade, because it is very hard to win with that role… So if you do happen to draw the Renegade, all you can do is cause havoc by helping the Deputies kill the Outlaws, while waiting to pounce on them and then the Sheriff at the end. Renegade though, usually is the last 3 people alive, which is a redeeming attribute.

But it manages to redeem itself by the human interaction and manipulation which you can use to cause reasonable doubt for other players.

***If you like to spice up your games, It doesn’t mention in the rules, but you can add in a new Trading rule that I like to use. With this rule, you can only offer to trade the BLUE cards out on the field, which are considered the “Equipment” cards in the game. You can only trade during your turn, or if it is the turn of the person you are trading with.

Now keep in mind, with this Trading, you can have aces up your sleeve like a “Cat Balou” card, which allows you to steal any card that a player owns, or choose a random card from their hand. Which used after a trade, would really put that other player at an advantage, so trade wisely!

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