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74 out of 133 gamers thought this was helpful

i find myself playing this with my avid gamer friends, my psudo-gamer family, and my ‘what does this card mean?’ mother in law and having an equally fun time with each. i’ve yet to introduce colosseum to someone who didn’t go on to ask for a rematch.

i realize that components dont make a game fun, but im a sucker for a good set. the quality of the board, tokens, and pieces is high, which is nice, but also very clever and self aware. the emperor piece with a little crown of laurels? too clever by half.

some replayability issues could use some ironing out. most notably, i notice that every player buys the emperors loge with their first turn every game, and thats just stupid. why even offer the upgrade if every player is going to take it? i recommend just assuming player playes by the loge rules right out of the gate and actually begin pursuing their own strategy rather than waste the entire first investment phase doing something monotonous and predictable. simple fix, DoW.

still though, colosseum is an excellent offering and well worth picking up, some small issues aside.

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