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Siege: Heart of Darkness - Board Game Box Shot

Siege: Heart of Darkness


Siege: Heart of Darkness is a self-contained multiplayer game using the mechanics of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG. Although the game comes with pre-constructed challenger decks, it is designed to be used against any Legend of the Five Rings CCG decks as challengers.

Driven from Rokugan by the wrathful forces of the Emerald Champion, the Dark Naga and his enslaved minions have wound their way through the treacherous lands between the Empire and the Colonies and emerged, secretive, near the outskirts of the Second City. The humans will pay for their effrontery. This insult will not go unanswered.

There will yet be an empire of serpents that will bring to an end the tyranny of the mammals, and the Second City will be but the first to burn.

Siege: Heart of Darkness is a brand new way to play multiplayer Legend of the Five Rings, the premiere interactive collectible card game, pitting multiple players as defenders of the city against one assailant piloting the Siege deck. Face the dread Dark Naga forces with either the 3 decks included in this product or with your own and take part in the defense of the Second City for the glory of the Empire of Rokugan.

  • 3+ players against one multiplayer L5R.
  • New way to discover Rokugan and the world of Legend of the Five Rings.
  • Fantastic art from Conceptopolis Studios bringing the threat to the Second City and its Naga assailants to life.

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