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Vizia - Board Game Box Shot



16th century explorers discovered a small island chain off the coast of South America, which had once been home to an ancient tribe of artists and spiritualists, for whom color had great religious important. The artefacts discovered by the explorers consisted primarily of brightly-colored tiles, along with texts which revealed that the tribal priests would assemble into wheels whose patterns they believed inspired artistic visions and psychic powers.

Returning to Europe with their finds, the explorers formed a secret society to attempt to recreate the rituals and unlock the power of the tiles. Over the years, their experiments evolved into a game, which they called Vizia. Nowadays, few people believe that the tiles hold genuine magical power, and yet, Vizia is a game that might itself help you become more perceptive!

Players take turns placing one or more triangular colored tiles, subject to certain rules of color sequences. For instance, a green tile may only touch a blue or yellow tile (the two colors green is made of). Forming complete "wheels" (hexagons comprised of six tiles) scores points, while certain special types of wheels (two-colored wheels and full wheels) score extra.

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