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Cozmica - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 2012

Cozmica plays on a 9 x 9 grid board like a Go board. There are 36 pieces (stones), 18 each player (black and white).

Each player has 6 Animal, 6 Plant, and 6 Microbe DNA pieces (stones). Animal takes Plant, Plant takes Microbe, Microbe takes Animal. All the pieces move the same way (like a king in chess but can move 2 spaces any direction instead of 1).

The object of the game is to establish a colony (1Animal,1Plant, 1Microbe) that you have either captured of the opponent's DNA pieces by surrounding them, or you crossed 1 each of your own DNA pieces to the other side and off the board. It is OK to mix the opponents and your own pieces to create a colony.

During the battle you can diminish your opponents Bio-ship fleet by intercepting and eliminating them.

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“Challenging and Interesting”

Cozmica is a game that belongs in any serious game player’s collection. I am 77 years old and I have been playing board games for a good part of my life.

I played this game many times during it’s development and from start to finish, I found it to be among the better board games I have played. Not only did it challenge my intellect, but it also managed to keep me interested in what I was doing….Not an easy accomplishment!

I highly recommend Cozmica for people who have had enough of the tired old board games we played for years.



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