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Word Whimsy

| Published: 2013
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Word Whimsy is an easy to learn and quick to play social game that will have you and your friends laughing at the crazy ideas, creatures, and titles that each of you cook up. Every round there will be a prompt card, such as “Good Name for a Metal Band” or “Most Likely to Win in a Fight,” and each player will build an appropriate phrase or title out of the various zany word cards in his or her hand. Each round, one player will be the referee and award points to the other players based on how much the referee likes each submission. So whether your “Favorite Bar” is “The Unexpected Walrus” or “The Angry Robot Death Goblin,” Word Whimsy is sure to be a good time for any group of friends!

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I Am What I Am
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“Like Apples to Apples, but fun”

I’ve never liked Apples to Apples–I tend to be fairly literal, which never is successful. Word Whimsy works in a similar way (1 target card, 7 in your hand) but with an important difference. Each card has one or two words (if two, one per side, so you can choose which to use), but you can use as many as you want in combination (e.g. naughty zombie platypus).

The game also comes with little card envelopes to help you keep your cards together and in order.

As a result of this twist, the creative possibilities are endless. I played only a short game but had a lot of fun both with my combinations and other people’s. I also did much better than I usually do with similar games.


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