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When I Dream - Board Game Box Shot

When I Dream

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When I Dream is a dreamlike game in which the players in turn take on the role of a dreamer. That player will have to guess as many words as possible over the course of a night represented by a timer.

The other players take on the role of dream spirits.

At the end of the round, the dreamer will recount their dream for the other players...

Then the roles change and a new turn begins...

When I Dream was illustrated by 20 different artists!

When I Dream is played over a series of rounds equal to the number of players.
Each round is divided into 2 phases: Night and Day. Each night, one player—the Dreamer—tries to identify the Elements based on the clues that the other players give them.
Each day, the Fairies and the Dreamer score points for each Element the Dreamer identified correctly.
The Boogeymen score points each time the Dreamer is incorrect.
The Sandmen score extra points when the Fairies and the Boogeymen score the same number of points.

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