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Ultimate Werewolf: Classic Movie Monsters (Second Edition) - Board Game Box Shot

Ultimate Werewolf: Classic Movie Monsters (Second Edition)

| Published: 2014

Ultimate Werewolf: Classic Movie Monsters includes 6 new Ultimate Werewolf role cards that can be added individually or as a group to any game. New roles include The Blob, which slowly absorbs players until everyone is part of the Blob (at which point the Blob wins!), The Mummy, who hypnotizes players to vote the way he does; Dracula, who is trying to get three vampire wives; the Zombie, who eats player’s brains, preventing them from voting; and Frankenstein’s Monster, who gets the powers of players with special powers who have died.

This expansion is compatible with Ultimate Werewolf and Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition (black backs).

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