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Sumo Ham Slam - Board Game Box Shot

Sumo Ham Slam

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Sumo Hamsters

Step into the fierce and furry world of full-contact Sumo hamster wrestling! Using magnetic force, maneuver your Sumo hamster and try to knock your opponent out of the ring. It's a contest of bulk as much as brawn, so feed your hamster every chance you get! Win the most rounds and claim the title of Sumo Ham Slam Grand Champ!

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“Awesome, child-like fun”

Simple in concept, the game consists of an arena in which each player inserts and maneuvers a rod with a magnet on the end. This is to control the Sumo Hamster (my wife giggles every time I say that phrase) on the arena platform above. Simple enough, like a giant McDonald’s toy but VERY FUN!

Relax, try to not break it and have fun. It is clearly not for the serious gamer, but it is a $20 party favorite and family favorite.


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