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Lupus in Tabula - Board Game Box Shot

Lupus in Tabula


Since 2001, the most original Werewolf game!

Werewolves haunt the secluded village known as Tabula: every night some villagers turn into werewolves and slaughter an innocent victim to satisfy their hunger. Surviving villagers gather every day to discuss the problem: at the end of the discussion, they lynch one person among them, thinking he could be a werewolf. Can you survive the massacre? Can you solve the mystery of the full moon? A game for large groups that is already a classic. To win you need the intuition of a detective... or your best poker face!

This new luxurious edition includes:

  • Deluxe oversized cards featuring original characters
  • Updated high quality game components
  • Special Ghost rules that allow everyone to play until the mystery is solved
  • A new 8-player moderator-free variant
  • And, of course... The Werehamster!

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