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Ladies & Gentlemen

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The art of spending your money to be elegant!

Dive into the Victorian era and play, as a team, a stylish lady and gentleman. The victorious team is the one whose lady is the most elegant at the end of the game. Each gentleman will gain money from the Stock market by making sales and fulfilling contracts while his lady will fill her wardrobe with the most fashionable items from the various stores in the game.

Ladies & Gentlemen gameplay


  • An asymmetric game with an original theme.
  • A stunning mix of opportunism, tactics and mockeries.
  • An ambiance game within everyone's grasp.

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“The game where team mates should probably be in different rooms?”

There’s a real interesting game here.I’m not sure how much I like it, but I like the idea of it. However, I don’t think they are able to pull it off in the end and the theme is sort of offensive.

I imagine a lot of people would get turned off by the title and idea of the game: It’s Victorian times and there is a big social event coming up and every lady wants to be the best dressed person there. If you are a lady, you run your clothing store for others to buy from and you buy things from other stores or your own store. If you are a gentleman you are trying to get money so that your lady can buy dresses. The gentleman’s game is a little more luck and speed based, while the ladies game involves more strategy but still some luck.

The game has teams of 2 (except for the odd man/lady out, but we’ll get to that later). A gentleman and a lady pair up and then the two games begin…
The gentleman play a mini game with resources and goals in an attempt to get money for their ladies.
The lady sets up her clothing shop for others to buy from by choosing which dresses and accessories to display. She chooses which store to visit (including her own) and can buy items from other stores. There is a lot of strategy involved in what to display, which store to visit, and what to buy.
TWIST! the ladies don’t know how much money the gentleman have and the gentleman don’t know the dresses and accessories the women need to purchase and the exact cost. So there has to be a lot of trust and cooperation without much specific communication. The women are trying to assemble a high scoring outfit, but they need to try and guess how much their gentleman can provide through vague explanations (because, it’s impolite to discuss money). My group determined, after playing three times, that it may actually be better to play in separate rooms and either send texts, or notes of paper, to keep the table talk down. However, it was easily played in the same room, but you just need to monitor conversation.

If there is an odd number of players, there is another woman who is added, who we called the mistress. She is also trying to look good for the same event, but is apparently doing the midnight tango with the gentlemen and will humiliate the gentleman who gives her the lowest scoring combination of accessories/dresses, hurting the couple’s score. Basically she can ruin the game for one of the teams if she is not appeased. She can also win, but it is harder for her since the gentleman are trying to keep her happy, but still have their ladies looking better.

After playing three times, once with an odd number of players, the jury is still out. There is so much going on in this game, and it is so different from most other games I have played that it is hard to categorize. Is there strategy? Yes, mostly for the women, and also when you are working with the mistress. Is there luck? Yes, with dress shopping cards and mostly the gentleman’s mini game. Is it fun? Yes, but not always. Some of my friends who have played it more will only play as a lady, and some will only play as a man. Some couples work really well together, others do not. We do have fun playing it, but it isn’t a game that we get excited to play. At around 30-45 minutes of playing time, it is kind of a fun game to start off the night.

-Different games for different types of gamers.
-Strategy, luck, and team work, are all involved, although maybe not all for one player.
-Very unusual topic, but it works and even surprises.
-good looking game.
-Could be a good party game, since there is downtime between your turn and your teammate’s turn.
-Adding the mistress makes it more exciting.

-Some don’t like that it is two games being played at the same time.
-Some people may not like playing as one (or either) of the genders.
-Not having table talk can make it challenging to develop a strategy the first 1-2 times you play.
-Challenging to win as the mistress.
-Sometimes the game can feel a little too isolating. While one game is being played the other team members have to wait, and not knowing what is happening can be a little boring.
-Games can turn into run-aways, but not often.


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