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Jabuka - Board Game Box Shot


JABUKA is like no other word game, it’s so much more!

Any word game requires you to use your bean, but the way to win JABUKA is to use the most beans in a spontaneous, fast-paced and creative way!

The innovative twist to JABUKA is that the coffee bean-shaped pieces with yellow characters can be twisted and turned to form different letters, magically transforming J's into r's, M's into E’s and many more!

Use these alphabet chameleons to form new words or to hijack and transform existing words made by another player or team.

Whoever has the most beans from making and taking words, wins the game!

If you’re looking for 2 or 3 player games full of intense word fights and surprises, look no further! JABUKA provides all the necessary requirements for you and your friends to have some totally twisted fun!

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