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Epic Picnic - Board Game Box Shot

Epic Picnic

Published: 2014
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Epic Picnic is a no-holds-barred, blast of a party game inspired by a verbal memory game from our childhood, but corrupted with humor from our adult life. Players use cards to represent incredible and ridiculous things they're bringing on the picnic. The goal is to stay focused and remember what everyone is bringing in a hilarious, memory challenging face-off that pushes the boundaries of social convention.

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“Easy to learn, hard to win”

Epic Picnic is, simply put, an adult party game. The humor is sometimes goofy and overall dirty. It takes about a minute to learn to play, and there are a lot of variations included to change it up every now and then.

At its core, this is a player-elimination memory game in which cards stack upon each other, hiding the text but leaving a letter revealed that gives a clue to the card underneath. Most people cringe when they hear “memory game,” and they’ll swear that they won’t be any good at it, but everyone I’ve played with so far is surprised at how far they get.

Although Epic Picnic is a competitive game, it also has a cooperative side to it–how long of a progression can the players make together? When I talk to other people about this game, they say things like, “We got up to 25 cards,” instead of, “Steve won.” This isn’t implicitly mentioned in the rules, but this aspect of the game not only gives it a co-op feel at times, but also that you’re playing against yourself just as much as the other players.

My favorite variation is called “Down but not out,” which can turn a twenty-minute game into an forty-five minute game, and alleviates the player-elimination aspect of it.

Overall, this would make a good icebreaker game, something to start off a night of gaming and get a group’s spirits up. Or, if tension is running high after a more serious game, break this out to have a good laugh.


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