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Wrath of Kings

| Published: 2015
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The Ancient Kingdom lies in ruins. For millennia, the continent of Arikania languished, isolated and enslaved by demonic elemental overlords, until the Ancient King sacrificed His name and destiny to bind them, free humanity, and unite the land. Though He ruled for over a thousand years, even He could not live forever, and His own scions have wrecked His legacy…

The five factions of Wrath of Kings, like their founders, have very different views of what Arikania should be, and they have mastered different forms of technology and magic in their pursuit of victory. Each nation, lead by the scion’s noble house at its heart, will change Arikania forever – if they do not destroy it in the process.Take control of one of the Five Kingdoms of Arikania, ranging from the steam-powered wonders of House Teknes, the honorable stalwarts of House Shael Han, the mysterious followers of the Deep Gods, House Hadross, the monstrous denizens of the night in House Goritsi, or the cold and calculating killers of House Nasier.

Wrath of Kings is a game unlike any before it, with games scaling from small skirmishes between players all the way up to massive regiments and battalions for a true war! One thing holds true, regardless of the level of engagement: you’ll have to direct and coordinate your troops through powerful leaders in order to win- have your chain of command severed and your army will begin to crumble… Of course, the same is true of your opponent, so whether its victory through sheer slaughter and brute force, or the more subtle victory of assassinating your opponent’s leaders, Wrath of Kings has a style for you!

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“Wargaming Done Right!”

Do you like the skirmish, dueling, and wargaming type of games? If so, i suggest taking a look at Wrath of Kings. In this game you select your troops, and then take your army to tactically defeat your foe or foes. The game is set in more of a fantasy-style world of Arikania (sounds very close to Arcadia…) in which 5 houses, or factions (so far) are all at war. The game is played on a 4’x4′ play area, and the rulebook is downloadable from CMON’s website for free, which features a lot of the backstory and great art of the armies and Arikania world. All of which have their own pros and cons.Of the 5 factions there are:

House Goritsi – Vampires and werewolves – lots of fast movement, can heal wounds

House Hadross – Sea-monster people! – very tough troops, slow movement

House Teknes – Techno-science and cyborgs – counterattack, damaging others when damaged and other on-damage effects.

House Nasier – Blademasters infused with elemental magic – extra attacks and re-rolling misses. very offensive army.

House Shael Han – Biotech Dynasty Warriors – ninjas, dragons, and huge ork-like guys with swords.

All of the models are unique concepts to their army and are brilliantly detailed. Assembling and painting them is simple and enjoyable. The rules are quite straight forward and all outcomes are determined by rolling a set number of 10-sided dice. Moving your army requires having access to a ruler or a tape measure so that you can move your miniatures their set number of inches.

One of my favorite features of this game is that it is fully scale-able. There are 3 different size scales for playing ranging from the smaller quicker skirmish games, to a much larger full scale battle. Which is convenient when you only have a certain amount of time you want to dedicate to playing.

Another great tidbit, CMON sells starter boxes for the armies, which includes all the miniatures you would need to play both the small and the medium sized games. You can usually find the starter boxes at online miniature retailers for around $50. So you could get into an army for less then most board games, or 2 armies, for a little more then most board games.

The replay value is amazing and if you like painting your miniatures from your games you will have a great time with this one. If you are big into games like Warhammer, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warmachine & Hordes, Rivet Wars, and the like, you will thoroughly enjoy Wrath of Kings


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