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Rules of Engagement

| Published: 2006
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Rules of Engagement is a tabletop wargame for two or more players that allows you to recreate battles of the twentieth century to the present day. Players use miniature soldiers on model terrain and in the 240 page hardback book you will find a comprehensive rules system that will allow you to field your troops on the battlefield.

About the Rulebook

Game rules: The complete gaming rules covering movement, weapons, close quarters combat, artillery and more. Includes opportunity fire, hidden troops, snipers, tank support and fortifications. With clear examples and diagrams, Rules of Engagement is easily accessible yet offers plenty of depth for experienced players.

Scenarios: Nine scenarios from take and hold missions to desperate rearguard actions. Each scenario includes specific rules covering, for example, reserves, unacceptable losses and additional orders.

The Second World War 1944-45: A detailed history of the War on Western Front from D-Day to the Fall of the Reich. The Orders of Battle section gives listings of the forces available including company and divisional support options. Forces covered: German Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers, Volksgrenadiers, Fallschirmjäger and Waffen SS, British Infantry, Airborne and Commandos, Canadian Infantry, US Infantry, Armored Infantry, Parachute Infantry and Rangers and the Maquis.

Hobby section: A complete colour guide to painting your miniatures and creating a battlefield. Uniform and equipment guides for all the forces featured in the Orders of Battle including British and Canadian Infantry, British Airborne and Commandos, German Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers, Fallschirmjäger, Waffen SS and Volksgrenadiers, US Infantry, US Airborne and the Maquis.

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“Well designed, fantastic gameplay - A winner in Miniature gaming?”

Rules of Engagement, despite being relatively lesser known in the world war 2 miniature gaming realm, is a fantastic way to get into Miniatures.

The rulebook itself is incredibly well designed and laid out. Full color pictures, easy to read charts and an excellent flow.

There are a LOT of rules (as with any complex miniatures game) but to be honest many of them can be completely ignored; and you’ll quickly discover which ones those are! The rules are pretty straight forward though and unlike many other minis games each army is quite similar in stats (some variation, of course) and incredibly well balanced. It includes a full color painting guide for many of the standard armies and a terrain building section to help you get your table looking just right. This is a huge bonus if you ask me.

Included are all of the rules (and then some) required to play the game in a fairly straightforward layout complete with examples, painting guide, terrain tutorials and all of the Army Lists you will need to get up and playing. They also include handy reference charts so you don’t need to flip through the book endlessly.

The army lists can be a bit confusing at first but once you’ve got them figured out they all make sense.

And if you need to buy miniatures, Great Escape Games even sells those. You can get your entire army purchased as a bundle.

Expansions are available to add to the game but aren’t entirely necessary. These bring in more vehicles and armies and additional scenarios to your game.


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