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Mystic ScROLLS - Board Game Box Shot

Mystic ScROLLS

| Published: 2017

You are an apprentice wizard doing your first steps on the amazing realm of magic, eager to find more and more secrets. Luckily a lot of treasures from the past remain hidden and you managed to encounter an ancient library in the woods filled with magic secrets. Finally your dream can come true but… you are not the only one. Three more magicians have discovered the same library.

Mystic ScROLLS uses a real time mechanic with a unique way making a fun dice game for 2-4 players lasting around 20 minutes. You can learn the rules and start playing within 20 minutes this tense and fun game where every decision matters.

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“Messy business”

So you are about to cast spells? Go ahead. Just keep in mind, it will be a messy business……

Mystic ScROLLs is a fast paced dice game where 2-4 wizards frantically are trying to put together spells to cast. They all start with a given number of dice and their special spell cards. As they fullfill one of their spells, they leave the dice on the card, and take in the same amount of dice. In the end the dice pool will be exhausted, and someone will have to call stop! After that each wizard count up their lives recieved from the spells. Then they inflict damage to the one sitting to their right, unless a card says otherwise. The goal in the game is to stay alive (duh…?) . Oh, but there`s more. Each round a spell card accessed by all will be presented. The first to snatch this spell card gets it immediately call stop. The game ends when there is only one wizard left, victorious.

Overall the game is very engaging. Either if you keep your eyes on the dice, or scream, giggle, and yelp frantically, all focus is on your task ahead.Keep in mind what surface you use. Slippery tables will make your dice roll on the floor. And don`t think for a second your opponents will stop and wait till you pick it up.

So what do I think of it?
I like it a lot!
Two things are sort of wrong with that.
1. Me and dice are not on talking terms
2. I don`t really enjoy frantic stress games.

Still this hit my sweet spot. I believe it has something to do with the theme used. Wizards. It fits my interest in fantasy. THe special spells for each wizard suits them well. They each have a skill they exel at. What might be a bit off with the game is the extra spell card you can obtain. More than once we were so into our own spell cards that we simply forgot it. Other times someone would be so focused on this spell card, and disregarded their special spell cards. It might also be loud and noisy, so don`t sit in a room where someone are working at a heavy strategy game. You might get an angry look from someone.

I enjoyed the design of the game, the dice were looking good, the art on the cards are clear and vibrent. Overall a good game for a filler. And you might want to play it again and again. I had it at a gathering, and many of those I played with liked it so much we had to set it up once more, and once more, and even once more after that… 😛

Go wizard it up!


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