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Desperados of Dice Town - Board Game Box Shot

Desperados of Dice Town

| Published: 2017

For a fistful of dollars ! French edition only Desperados of Dice Town is a fun and fast dice game set in the same universe as Dice Town. You are the boss of a gang of Desperados - but all of your men are locked in prison! In order to win, set them all free and have the most money! Risk-taking, luck, and tactics are your keys to victory. Goodies Mister...

In the Wild West, the law of the strongest is often the best! Free your gang of bandits, neutralize your rivals, and leave town with your pockets full of dollars! You will have to be smart and merciless, but always in a good mood!

Desperados of Dice Town, is a standalone game set in the same universe as the Dice Town board game, and was designed and illustrated by the same team.

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