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Valeria Card Kingdoms: Crimson Seas - Board Game Box Shot

Valeria Card Kingdoms: Crimson Seas

| Published: 2019
Expansion for Valeria: Card Kingdoms

Sail to lands beyond the borders of Valeria in Crimson Seas, the third full expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms.

We are producing three products in this Kickstarter campaign: Crimson Seas, an expansion to Valeria: Card Kingdoms; Ward Towers, a VCK expansion pack; and Corsairs of Valeria, a stand-alone dice game. So, be sure you read all the pledge levels to determine which items and which language you want in your rewards.

In Crimson Seas, you will obtain Maps to new far-off lands beyond the borders of Valeria allowing you to import trade Goods from Araby to increase your victory points, purchase Tomes of great power to augment your resource production at Nae Aerie, rescue captured Nobles from the villainous Amarynth Empire, and plunder the wealth of Exekratys, the cursed isle. Beware the monsters of the sea, though, as they increase in strength, sowing chaos throughout all of Valeria.

What's New

There's a lot of new stuff in Crimson Seas. New icons, new tokens, new mechanics, new card types, and, of course, lots of new cards for all the existing card types. Each image below can be clicked to get a larger view.

Along the top of the play area is a new game board called "The Islands" (see more info below) and all of the new icons are tied to that.

To access the Islands you need to use a new action called "Sail" and to sail, you've got to spend one MAP token, then you can access Araby to gain Goods, Nae Aerie to gain Tomes, Exekratys to retrieve lost resources, and Amarynth to rescue captured Noble's.

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