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Thunderstone Quest

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Thunderstone Quest is a deckbuilding game where 2-4 players compete to see who can score the most victory points when the game ends. In deckbuilding games your objective is to try to assemble the best possible deck to achieve the play strategy you prefer based on the options that are assembled for each game, and the random challenges you'll need to overcome.

Each player's deck represents a party of stalwart adventurers who will face and defeat the challenges of the Dungeon and will return to the Town to recover and re-equip.

On each turn you use your deck to generate a hand of cards, and you take actions based on the cards you drew. Sometimes you'll be in the Village buying new cards and using your resources. Sometimes you'll be in the Dungeon fighting monsters. And sometimes you'll do a little bit of both!

This new version of Thunderstone enhances the Dungeon mechanic introduced in classic Thunderstone. In Thunderstone Quest you'll be playing an Adventure which is comprised of a set of Dungeon tiles and a selection of monsters, treasures, and challenges that are themed to that Dungeon. You'll get the sense of a dramatic campaign as you grow stronger and finally confront the Guardian.

Depending on which cards you buy and which adversaries you defeat you will earn victory points. After the Guardian encounter is over, the player with the most victory points is the winner!

The game is designed for 2 to 4 people to play and it takes about 90 minutes to complete an Adventure.

Thunderstone Quest uses a lot of the rules from previous versions of Thunderstone but the cards from previous versions are not compatible.

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“New and improved”

The third iteration of Thunderstone brings it into the echelon of deck builder plus games like Trains, Tyrants of the Underdark, Clank!, or A Few Acres of Snow.


Much like previous editions, Thunderstone Quest starts you with a modest deck of starter cards which you use to purchase in the village or visit the dungeon, through visits to the village you purchase cards to improve your deck in order to defeat stronger dungeon denizens. Quest improves on this concept in several ways.

For starters, you now have several village actions that you can take when visiting the village. The choice you make decides what your purchase includes, many choices will allow you to buy a card with an extra action, such as promoting a hero card, getting an item, or healing. That’s right, in this version, you have a health track, and said track will affect how many cards you draw at the start of your turn so keeping that health up is important.

In addition, the dungeon now is a board where the strongest monsters are in the deepest part while weaker monsters are closer to the surface. Light is still a factor, but it how much light you need can be wildly varied depending on the room tile the monster is on. There is also a new giant rat persistent monster at the entrance you can kill for a free purchase at the village. Things get dangerous when enough keys come out and the rat gets replaced by the big bad of the game. That last turn everyone gets additional cards in their draw for a final crack at the big boss. Most pints win

The Bad

Well for one thing this game weighs a lot, not game difficulty weight, I mean I can state its weight in stone. You will gain musculature when carrying it from the shelf to the table. Also the randomizer factor is still a problem as odd mixes can cause messy results, but playing them in adventure pack form is a decent fix as the packs are balanced for the adventure they are trying to give. Also it is hefty on the wallet especially if you want the adventure packs as well

In Conclusion

I for one think this is the best version of Thunderstone yet, and good news, it is as of this writing still available in deluxe form, though the magic of a Kickstarter expansion. That said it is NOT cheap (as mentioned earlier) though it is probably now my favorite deck builder and I think the cost worth it.


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