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The King Commands - Board Game Box Shot

The King Commands

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The King Commands

Camelot has fallen! King Arthur is dead, Merlin is missing, and the treasury has been plundered. The remaining Knights of the Round Table have decided to duel over the remaining bags of gold found in the castle. To their aid they have King Arthur's crown, Merlin's crystal ball, and the magic sword, Excalibur.

Players play combination of sword cards to steal bags of gold from players who can block or parry. The relics, such as the crown, crystal ball, and Excalibur, have special abilities. The player with the most points at the end can call themselves "king".

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“Quick and Easy Filler”

The Kings Commands is a very quick and easy to learn game.
This helped by the fact the game comes with one of the best summary cards for a game. The summary card has all of the rules except set up and the final round.
The deck is shuffled and each player is dealt a card. Who ever has the highest value card goes first. Swords are one, shields are two, crowns are three, gold is five, and everything else is zero. The players hand back there cards and are then dealt six cards.
On each player’s turn they draw two cards. They have the option to play a crystal ball or a crown. The crystal ball lets a player get more cards or more information. The crown gives a few different attack options or a safe way to score. After that they may make an attack or discard cards. Discarding lets you draw more cards which is useful when your hand gets small. Attacks are made with a combination of swords. Attacks are against one player. That player may block by playing shields or parry by playing matching swords. If the attack is not blocked or parried the defending player gives the attacker a bag of gold which the attack places in his score pile with his swords. If the defender uses shields the defender places the shields and swords in his score pile. If the defend parries each player places their own swords in their score pile.
The game is played until the draw pile runs out. Then each player gets one more turn. After that each player counts their score pile and who ever has the most wins.
The relic cards give players additional ways to attack, defend, gain cards, or gain information.
The game is very easy to learn and makes either good filler between heavy games or a light way to start a night.


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