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Stuff and Nonsense - Board Game Box Shot

Stuff and Nonsense

Stuff and Nonsense is an adventure game with no real adventuring. You and your friends are globetrotting explorers. Or so you claim. Actually, you are all liars and cowards, and despite your assertions to the contrary, you've never left London.

Players sneak through the back streets of the city, gathering evidence of their imaginary travels, and then stride into the Adventurer's Club to spin tall tales and earn the admiration of their unsuspecting peers.

You stole this idea from Professor Elemental, who recently pretended to travel to the South Pole. Since you stole his act, the Professor is now your sworn enemy, chasing you around town in the hopes of catching you in the act.

The Mechanics: Stuff and Nonsense feels like a board game, although it uses only cards. Players move around the outskirts of London, collecting things like Artifacts, Photographs, Facts, and Specimens. When you have enough stuff, you can return to the Adventurer's Club, to tell your stories and trade those cards for points.

You'll need a little strategy to make the most points in the fewest moves, and to manage your risk of running into the Professor!

Stuff and Nonsense is a joint production of Cheapass Games and Professor Elemental. Cheapass Games is a small tabletop game company in Seattle, helmed by game inventor James Ernest. Professor Elemental is a chap-hop rap artist and adventurer from Brighton, UK.

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