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Renaissance Wars

| Published: 2015
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An Overview of the Game

The backdrop for the game is the immeasurably rich period of the Renaissance, when art, politics, religion and economics evolved in radically new directions, changing the face of Europe and the entire world in the process.​​

In Renaissance Wars, players take on the role of one of the period's greatest figures and do battle using only the cards in their hands and the unique powers of their chosen Luminary.

Playable Luminaries

The Standard Edition of the game includes Luminary Mats, Portraits and Cards for William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, St. Ignatius of Loyola, Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus and Fillipo Brunelleschi.

A Limited Edition Luminosity Set includes the Luminary Mats, Portraits and Cards for Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Gutenberg. Also included are special rules for playing a Leonardo vs. Gutenberg game.

The Enlightenment Edition Kickstarter Set included the Luminary Mats, Portraits and Cards for John Locke, Johannes Kepler, Claudio Monteverdi and Desiderius Erasmus.

Women of the Renaissance includes the Luminary Mats, Portraits and Cards for Queen Elizabeth I of England, Queen Isabella of Castile, St. Theresa of Avila and Isabella Andreini.

Luminary Mats

Every Luminary Mat contains biographical information on the Luminary, an Order of Play Guide, areas to place Populace and Personal Action cards, a place for Captured Cards and most importantly, all of the Powers of the Luminary.

History in Renaissance Wars

​In Renaissance Wars, we've taken the currents of the time - Religious, Economic, Political, Cultural and the Seeds of Enlightenment that were being planted - and classify them under different "Conditions." ​The Condition cards in the Play Deck feature significant people, places, events or ideas of the Renaissance.

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