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Raiders of the Lost Tomb - Board Game Box Shot

Raiders of the Lost Tomb

| Published: 2014

In this micro game, players take turns setting up the Random Tomb Tiles. After First player has been determined by a coin flip, one player starts running with the Holy Grail while the other player tries to steal it for himself!

After the Tomb is set, each player takes turns rolling a set of Pennies (d2's) ("Rolling the Pennies": Putting the Pennies between Both of your Cupped Hands and Rattling them to Randomize, then Dropping them on the table) and depending on how many Heads or Tails they get, they will come up with potential spaces they'll be able to move on.

There are dangers along the way that players will try to avoid, like Trap Rooms and Monster Rooms... and there's also the powerful Portal Rooms that allow players to instantly Teleport between locations!

The player without the Grail will try to Steal it from the other player by attacking. To Attack, both players roll their pennies, The Attacker wins if they roll more HEADS than the Defender. (Ties go to the Defender)

The first player who can escape the Tomb with the Grail wins! But beware, there's also an Ancient Monster that is chasing you both! And if he reaches the exit before you do... you'll be trapped in the Lost Tomb forever!

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