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Power 1 - Board Game Box Shot

Power 1

Power 1 is the first rummy style card game enabling player elimination. Challenge your friends and family to this new card game in which you are able to get rid of opponents, protect yourself against penalties and steal cards from any player!

On your turn you can draw a card, play a meld or lay off cards. There are two different kinds of melds. The first is the Power 1 meld which is three number 1 cards of any color. If you play a Power 1 meld your opponents have to either a) play Counter Power 1, which is laying down a Power 1 meld in response or b) suffer a penalty and draw two cards. The second is the classic meld which is three cards of the same color for which the difference between the highest card and the lowest card is a maximum of 1. The other way you can get rid of cards in your hand is to lay off cards. You can lay off up to three cards, on any one meld in the game. To lay off a card it has to be both the same color and a higher number than the card below it and the difference between the highest card and the lowest card in the meld can’t be anymore than a maximum of 1.

Once a meld is completed, meaning all three sections reach 4, the entire meld is discarded. If you complete another players last/only meld that player is eliminated from the game! There is also a joker card that allows you to block off a section of a meld. To win you have to get rid of all your cards or be the last player remaining in the game. Power 1 is very easy to learn and plays pretty quickly. If you enjoy classic card games like Rummy, or even card games like Skip-Bo or Phase 10 you will enjoy Power 1!

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