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Pixel Tactics 4 - Board Game Box Shot

Pixel Tactics 4

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Pixel Tactics 4 is the fourth installment in the critically-acclaimed Pixel Tactics line. Pixel Tactics 4 features the same great gameplay with 25 new hero classes. By mixing multiple Pixel Tactics games together, you can play a whole bunch of exciting new game modes!

Pixel Tactics 4 adds new depth and strategy to the Pixel Tactics line, by introducing a new Order type, Traps. Traps allow players to set up immediate responses to specific triggers, making opponents' strategies less effective, if not ruining them completely.

Pixel Tactics 4 heroes

Pixel Tactics is a head-to-head card game for two players that recreates the feel of a Strategy Roleplaying Game (SRPG). Each player plays with a deck of characters, and each character can be used in one of five different ways.

Build a unit, dismantle your opponents’ unit, and claim victory!

Pixel Tactics 4 can be played alone, or combined with any other Pixel Tactics games to enable new game modes!

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