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Designed by Jamie & Loren Cunningham (Transylvania: Curses & Traitors) in partnership with scientific illustrator somersault18:24, Pathogenesis is a deck building game in which players take on the role of bacterial pathogens attacking a human host. The pathogens must survive the body's powerful immune response, adapt in an ever changing environment, and evolve to take on virulence factors to increase their attack, defense, and other abilities so that they may do enough damage to defeat the body before the human host becomes immune and all the players lose the game. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $75,000 the game is being delivered on schedule to backers around the world.

The game is highly scalable, allowing players to choose their level of difficulty and the length of game they wish to play.

Pathogenesis blends the feel of center-row style deck builders such as Star Realms and Ascension with mechanics based 100% on real science, simulating the roles of pathogens and the immune system at each phase of the game. Modes of play include solo, competitive, cooperative, team play, and classroom.

Who might like this game? Avid gamers, fans of deck builders, medicine & science enthusiasts, teachers and students from high school to college level and beyond.

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