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| Published: 2014
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Hence it is that with none in the whole army are more intimate relations to be maintained than with spies. None should be more liberally rewarded. In no other business should greater secrecy be preserved.
— Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Information is the most precious weapon in the arsenal of any army. Knowledge of the actions planned by the enemy and the discovery of the enemy’s weaknesses is the key to victory in times of conflict, and the acquisition of crucial information is the task of intelligence.

The keys and information to decode secret messages and gain priceless knowledge are now vested in your hands. But make sure you hurry and succeed in breaking the codes first, before they are broken by your rivals.

Kryptos components

Kryptos is a game that involves you directly in the race for intelligence by letting you unravel the messages of the enemy. The person who scores at least 15 points for the correct decoding of the opponents’ messages wins.

Kryptos is an uncomplicated, fast and dynamic puzzle game designed for 3-6 players whose task is to guess and deduce the value of cards held by the opponents. Each player has the same number of cards numbered from 1 to 48 in four different colors, and all players also know which color of cards their opponents have. During preparation for the game, the players reveal two cards from their hands and take as many colored chips as the number of cards they hold in this color.

The winner is the player who most effectively deduces values and positions of the opponents' cards based on knowledge of colors, revealed and held cards, and a bit of statistics or luck.

Note: The official web site is not available in an English-language version, though the game's initial release is in English, German, and Polish.

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