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Jane Austen’s Matchmaker

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Make happy marriages for your favorite Jane Austen characters in this beautifully illustrated card game!

Matchmaker is an interactive card game for 3 to 6 players that brings together characters from Jane Austen’s novels – the heroes and heroines, the scoundrels and schemers, the downtrodden and the desperate – all of them looking for one thing: marriage.

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As a matchmaker, you must find the best connections for your ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes they’ll marry for money, sometimes for love. Wealth will give you an advantage over your rivals but you must find lasting happiness to win. Beware of charmers who offer nothing but a smile, and look out for superior characters like Mr Darcy, who possess wealth and virtue.

You don’t have to be familiar with Jane Austen’s novels to enjoy the game, but if you are a fan, you’re sure to enjoy recreating your favorite romantic adventures. Of course you can rewrite the stories entirely, as characters cross over from the pages of their novels. Imagine Mr. Darcy proposing to Emma Woodhouse or the scandalous Willoughby eloping with Fanny Price!

In Matchmaker, love is always on the cards!

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“Getting married: A social war”

In Jane Austen’s Matchmaker 3 to 6 players will take the roles of matchmakers in Victorian England. Their customers: the characters of six novels of Jane Austen.
The dynamic is easy. Everyone starts with a heroine and three cards in their hands (possible custumers) and in their turn they can make one out of five actions: look for new custumers (draw a card), place a lady in society so other players can propose to them, make a proposition with one of the male characters you have in your hand, push one of your ladies in someoen else society (so it is their problem now and not yours) or make a ball. Every character has different qualities (wealth, range, charm and virtue) and although the game consists of collecting virtue points, you have to consider all of them, because marrrying poor women with rich men or commoners rejecting aristocrats may result in a good reputation to your business, more customers and therefore more matchmaking power.
So that is all. It might sounds confusing, but it is not. You will get the rules easily in a game or two.
Now, is it worth it? Well, I would say it is. It is fun, fast and really strategic. You have to take into account a lot of factors. Marrying in 19th century is not only a matter of love, but almost a social war.
The theme is funny too. It is not usual having a game about marrying people and that gets us all laughing about how little virtous a wooer is but how charmingly irresistible. As a friend once said, “who makes a game of marrying Pride and Prejudice characters and does it well??”.
But, don’t you say all that because you are a crazy fan of Jane Austen? Well, I am, but my friends are not at all and we all enjoyed. I have played it with avid and casual gamers and they have all liked it, as it is refreshing.
Furthermore, another, more materialistic reason why you should not reject this gaming proposal is that it is really cheap (10 £ on Amazon!!).
So, to sum up, fun fast card game for light evenings. Easy to learn and suitable for all. The meeting point for unromantic anti-Darcy friends to fanciful admirers.


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