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HMS Dolores - Board Game Box Shot

HMS Dolores


Caught in a violent thunder storm off the coast of Brittany, the Spanish trading vessel Dolores is nearly engulfed in the chasm for a second time. Confused and exhausted, the crew regains hope as they catch the faint glimmer of a “lighthouse” deep in the night. Unfortunately for them, it’s a trap! A display of lights was prepared on the rocky coastline, luring the ship to her destruction.

Seeking to make a fortune, you are one of the wreckers who orchestrated this job.

The Dolores – named in honor of the spouse of a rich shipowner from Cádiz – nally crashes again the reefs. The first crates begin hitting the beach, carried by the waves out of the gaping hull breach.

But sharing the plunder with your accomplices is no easy task. Time is limited, and the militia will surely be alerted by dawn!

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