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Heroes & Tricks - Board Game Box Shot

Heroes & Tricks

| Published: 2017
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The Four Suits
No matter race, creed, gender, or empire – each child of Gamedor is born with an affinity to one of The Four Suits: Card, Meeple, Die, or Coin. In love and war these suits are absolutely meaningless, but in game, well, they mean everything. A true leader uses their cards, and any means necessary, to gain the favor of other heroes of the land.

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Skill, Deduction, Trickery and a little Luck!
The objective of Heroes and Tricks is to gain the favor of the most Heroes. Players do this by winning a series of Tricks through the game. A “Trick” is one round where each player places a card(s) in front of the Hero Card in the Deck Box, after which the entire Trick is revealed to determine the winner. A Standard Game of Heroes and Tricks is a single hand of cards, while an Extended Game of Heroes and Tricks is played over three hands.

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