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Heroes of Metro City: Sidekicks & Storylines - Board Game Box Shot

Heroes of Metro City: Sidekicks & Storylines

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Ever wanted to make your OWN Super-Powered Hero from the ground up? In Heroes of Metro City, YOU get to pick your Hero's powers, craft an origin story and then start kicking some evil villainous butt! Make a hero in just a few minutes and start battling an Archenemy and his army of henchmen who are out to destroy your beloved city.

In the new Sidekicks & Storylines expansion, we add 160 new cards into the mix. There are 7 new Power cards, such as the electrifying Charged Grip which delivers more damage the more you build up your Energy first. It also contains 3 new Energy Sources, such as Metamorphosis, which rewards you with Plot Points (the game's currency) when you use energy-supplying Power cards (like Martial Arts Mastery or Accelerating Superspeed). Perhaps you're looking for more Archenemies to fight? Sidekicks and Storylines has three new terrifying masterminds of evil, including the murderous Killswitch Supreme, a cold fusion-powered cyborg who is only weakened when the Heroic team (that's you) fights as one.

ALL NEW: SIDEKICK POWER CARDS. In addition to Melee, Ranged, Travel and Wild powers, the new fifth power card type is called Sidekick Powers. Sidekick powers allow you to gain the benefit of a helpful sidekick (you can pick their name too!) or act as a sidekick yourself. Take advantage of the experience of a Wise Mentor, the reliability of a Trusty Assistant, the plucky wit of a Kid Genius, or offer your own assistance with some Tag Team Tactics or even change your team's fate with Luck Control. Many of these Powers now have "Persistent" abilities which help you on your turn AND your allies on their turns, making your super-powered team even stronger! There are 7 new Power cards in the expansion with which you can customize your Hero.

ALL NEW: THE STORYLINE STACK. The Storylines part of the expansion adds an all-new feature as well! We're replacing the stack of Origin Story cards in the City Supply with a random assortment of 7 All-New Storylines (35 cards total) to enhance your Hero's backstory and personality. Maybe you're a millionaire playboy who can prove it with the Massive Family Fortune card. Or maybe you take Military Connections to show that you have ties to a shadowy government agency. Are you a undercover reporter for the Metro Daily News? Then you might want to pick up the Media Insider Storyline card. Storyline cards now add a lot more than Plot points to the game!

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