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Grave Robbers from Outer Space - Board Game Box Shot

Grave Robbers from Outer Space

| Published: 2001

The days of seeing Attack of the Three-Headed Sorrority Girl from Hell at the drive-in or on your local TV station's Late Late Late Show may be gone, but now we have live tweeting parties for Bear-acuda vs Anaconda (SyFy, if that shows up on your network, you'll be hearing from our lawyers!).

Gone, too, may be Grave Robbers from Outer Space, but coming soon to a gaming table near you is Grave Robbers from Outer Space in a newly resurrected Second Edition, complete with all new art, new cards, and improved game play.

Grave Robbers from Outer Space is the original B-Movie card game that lets you create your own so-bad-they're-good movies using the tropes and cliches that fill our favourite celluloid horrors.

NOTE: Designer Stephen Tassie launched a Kickstarter in 2015 for a 'Resurrected' second edition of this game, but that Kickstarter was cancelled. The web site is still up, and it has a Print and Play version available as well as the rules.

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