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Firefly: Out to The Black - Board Game Box Shot

Firefly: Out to The Black

Firefly: Out to the Black is a bit different than a lot of games because, in this one, 3 to 5 of ya will be cooperatin’ with each other, tryin’ your best to survive the various entanglements the game throws at you. Ya ain’t competin’ with each other here: either everyone wins or everyone loses.

For each round there’s a Job that can be completed in one of four ways using the Skills you and your team possess. The better you do at the Job, the more rewards you and your crew reap... but if you do poorly, you’re sure to suffer some harsh penalties. The Alliance is hot on your tail, Gorramit Cards can make just about anything go wrong, and improving your situation is usually going to cost you some Credits or Honor. In the end, if you’ve been able to skirt by without usin’ up all your Credits or Honor, haven’t taken every card in the Alliance deck, and’ve completed all the Jobs Cards, then you and your team win. Be careful though; it’s a might tougher than it looks cuz nothin’s easy when you’re out in the black.

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