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Fantasy Realms - Board Game Box Shot

Fantasy Realms


As ruler, it’s up to you to build the mightiest realm in the world! Will you choose to follow military tactics and sweep away all in your path with a massive army? Will you turn towards sorcery and control an inaccessible island surrounded by impenetrable flames? The choice is yours, no two realms will ever be the same in Fantasy Realms.

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“Combos combos combos.”

This is a great little game with lot of depth. You’re basically trying to build up combos of cards to get the the most points by end of the game. Plays under 30 minutes and scales well at larger player counts. The 2 player variant is also included in the rules and works well.

The game is essentially 52 cards, a rulebook and a large scroresheet. The box would have been smaller had it not been for the large scoresheet.

Manual scoring can take longer than actual gameplay. The game publisher, WizKids has a companion app (available on both iOS and Android) that lets you quickly do the end game scoring.


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