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Dumpster Brawl - Board Game Box Shot

Dumpster Brawl

| Published: 2015
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Get ready to rumble and rummage in a race to see who can collect a winning collection of treasures from your neighborhood dumpster. You need to beware, as you are not the only animal prowling the alley. Other players are looking to ruin all of your hard work, in this fast paced game of combat, strategy, luck and trash. Play your favorite character as you and your friends get ready to prove one animal’s trash is another animal’s treasure!

Object of the Game/Winning:

To earn the right to rummage the dumpster, and the other players' hands, you need to defeat the other players in dice based combat and win your rumbles.

Rummage through the trash, while collecting trash cards and trying to create matching sets of items. Match the image and names of the items, on the face of your cards, but don't forget to rummage from your opponent's hands.

The goal of all versions of Dumpster Brawl is to collect enough matching trash items to make at least three (3) sets of three (3) or more matching items (such as three pizza boxes, three apple cores, and three soda cans) while not having any extra cards in your hand that are not part of the matched sets you are laying down. All extra cards, that do not match your victory sets, have to be discarded before you can lay your sets down and win.

Note: You can have more than three sets and the sets can be larger than three cards.

All play styles of Dumpster Brawl require the collection of the trash cards.

There are thirteen (13) types of trash items and seven (7) of each item in the game.

While rooting around in the trash you are, also, looking for booster cards that can help you win and defeating the blocker cards you might encounter as they can hurt your chances at winning but beware the slugs!

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