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Deadlands: Doomtown Trading Card Game - Board Game Box Shot

Deadlands: Doomtown Trading Card Game

| Published: 1998

NOTE: This game is the original Collectible Card Game implementation of the Doomtown property, which has recently been reimplemented in the non-collectible Expandable Card Game Doomtown: Reloaded.

Welcome to the Weird West!

The year is 1877, but the history is not our own. The Civil War grinds on. A huge earthquake has sunk California into the sea and formed a labyrinth of sea-canyons known as the Great Maze. The Sioux have retaken the Dakotas. The Coyote Confederation dances the Ghost Dance on the high plains. Monsters stalk the deserts and prowl the dark streets of the boomtowns. And the dead walk among us.

This is the world of Doomtown. In 1863, Raven, an American Indian shaman, released the manitous — centuries-imprisoned demons — and a flood of supernatural energy. This awakened the Reckoners, mysterious beings that create deadlands on Earth—areas where humanity’s terror is so great it warps the land. The manitous and other monsters that roam the Weird West create fear for the Reckoners, though to what sinister end the Reckoners work has yet to be revealed.

But where there are monsters, so there are heroes—hex-slingin’ hucksters, Bible-thumpin’ preachers, deadly gunfighters, fearless American Indians, wizened shamans, and mad scientists armed with weird steampunk gadgets.

Gomorra, called "Doomtown," needs such heroes. A huge vein of the superfuel known as ghost rock was struck in the Maze there, turning it into a boomtown. Miners search the caverns or chip at the faces of the Maze’s towering mesas. After them come bartenders and soiled doves, outlaws and law dogs, politicians and other hard-bitten folk, all desperate to fleece the miners of the rock they spend their days scratching out of the unforgiving canyon walls.

Over the last year, Gomorra's seen its share of misery. Knicknevin, a rogue manitou of enormous power, was released from his eternal prison in the Hunting Grounds by the degenerate Whateley clan and their allies, the Flock. The demon rampaged across the fledgling boomtown, a long trail of ruined homes and businesses left behind in its wake. When the monstrous creature was finally put down by Austin Stoker and his ally, the Ghost, more than half the town's residents were dead, and Gomorra was changed forever.

Gomorra’s a hard place, and most that come to town these days seem to leave it in a pine box.

That’s why they call it Doomtown.

Welcome to Doomtown!

Doomtown's the game o' shootouts and strange horror in the Weird West, a world pioneered by Pinnacle Entertainment Group in its Deadlands roleplaying game.

You're the leader of an Outfit in Gomorra, the Great Maze's biggest boomtown. Your Outfit has plans for Gomorra, and you'll wanna make sure nobody can interfere. Your gang'll lend a hand: gunfighters, mad scientists, and even stranger sorts.

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