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Century: Golem

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Discover the enchanting beauty of the golem trade road and its mesmerizing crystals! Wrap your mind around simple and pure game mechanics combined with a touch of hand-building system that lead to endless strategies and decisions. Century: Golem Edition is truly a magical experience and an outstanding game!

“Papa, where do crystal golems come from?”
“The great masters craft them using soul crystals.”
“Oh… but where do soul crystals come from?”
“From all over the world. They are very rare. Legend says, they are the souls of people who died long before the first humans came to Carvania.”
“Well, when I grow up, I’m going to be a crystal trader! I’ll travel the whole world and I’ll find the very best crystals and the masters will make great big powerful golems from them, like the Gatekeeper!”

Centuries have passed since the first humans arrived on Caravania. Legends have been shared from one generation to the next explaining Caravania's most exotic and rare mysteries – the soul crystals. Legend has it that the souls of the planet's original inhabitants were so pure that after death they were preserved as mesmerizing and powerful crystals. Simply holding a soul crystal, one could feel the essence of life radiating from deep inside. It wasn't long after the discovery of the soul crystals' power that humans used them to build and activate towering golems. After many forgotten centuries, those pure souls are able to breath life once again. In Century: Golem edition, players serve as traders attempting to collect crystals to create the most ornate and powerful of golems.

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Critic - Level 2
“Gem Conversion rather than Spices, It's so ...”

I saw the art of this and thought it looked great.
I’d seen reviews of Century Spice Road which made me excited to try that, and since this is the same game, but with different art, I was excited to give it a try.
The game has a pretty simple central premise of using cards to collect and improve gems, and then using gems to collect Golems.
With the goal of “First to Collect 5 Golems” as the game end trigger rather than a certain point value, it is a valid strategy to get a lot of small golems if they’re in the Market, rather than needing to toil and create those hard to make gems to get the Big Point cards.
I like this game as it has a very easy central game concept and easy to understand mechanism, but it can lead to some clever card play if you’re careful with your selections.
I’ve seen a small card engine get a lot of good Golems, and I’ve seen an engine where almost every turn a new card was selected and then used, and the player only used the “Pick up your hand” option near the end of the game to pick up his 20 or so cards, while the rest of us had much smaller hands of cards.
I have not yet played the others in the series, but have ordered them for Christmas. If they are not posted as separate entries on here, I’ll post reviews for them under the appropriate Century Game on here.


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