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Brexit: The Real Deal - Board Game Box Shot

Brexit: The Real Deal

| Published: 2019

Brexit: The Real Deal is a game of bidding, blocking and bluffing for trade deals. Making sure you never back down from your decisions, no matter how badly it May go. So hold your head up high, play your hand and convince everyone that no-one can stand in your way.

Based in a post Brexit UK where the people have decided that something didn't quite feel right after we had left the EU. Everyone got together and agreed we needed one more vote. It was time to devolve the UK. So it broke up into its natural member states, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Cornwall.

Now you play as one of these countries trying to form trade deals with the rest of the world before the other players can. You'll need to bluff, bid and even destroy other people's trade deals as the game continues to an ultimate winner. You may not want a trade deal with France, but you sure can't let Scotland have it!

Each player draws a hidden agenda at the beginning of the game. This may be to rejoin the EU, it may be to stall for as long as possible. No-one knows yours but you. You have to complete your hidden agenda, while trying to work out everyone else's and stop them completing theirs.

We spent 350 million developing this game and we hope you enjoy it!

Brexit: The Real Deal: Classic mode 3-5 players, approx play time: 15-25 minutes.

Parliamentary edition: 2 players, approx play time: may never end.

Front bench edition: Players may change without warning, play time: 15 mins ~ 2 years.

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