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| Published: 2015
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Apex is a theropod (two-legged, meat-eating dinosaur) deck-building game where you play as one of five apex theropods (Acrocanthosaurus, T.rex, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Utah Raptor). The game supports 1-5 players which means it is designed to play by yourself or with up to four friends. The game will feature over 300 cards and a game mat to keep things organized and flowing easy.

In the game you fight for territory, expand your species, and evolve your dinosaur all while competing against other player controlled Apex predators for the same thing. As you progress through the game, many different environmental effects happen to territories such as tropical storms, super volcano eruptions, and botulism. The game has a built-in timer mechanic (doomsday) that makes games usually last around 30-45 minutes but it can be adjusted to make games longer or shorter.

Apex cards
images © Herschel Hoffmeyer

The game is won by dominating 3 territories or having the most territory dominated at the end of the game. The game will feature over 30 dinosaurs and 8 territories with each territory having it's territorial boss that you must defeat to dominate the territory. These bosses consists of dinosaurs such as Carcharodontosaurus and Mapusaurus.

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