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The great Darkness has fallen, and the Empire with it.

The arcane crystals which once powered entire cities were shattered, and the darkness was destroyed by the magics unleashed. All that remains are the lawless ruins known as the Wildlands, and the shards of the crystals that have been strewn across them. Now a few souls, the brave and the desperate, seek the shards to harness their power for their own ends.

Take control of one of four factions, from the spell-slinging Mages' Guild or the nimble Gnomads to the versatile Lawbringers or the hard-hitting Pit Fighters. Each brings their own playstyle, with unique decks of action cards determining their abilities on the battlefield, so plan your tactics carefully. Dash through the ruins to grab the crystals you so desperately desire or focus your efforts on taking out the opposition - but take care, danger may be lurking in the darkness…

In the Wildlands, opportunity awaits… if you fight for it.

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“Surprising Martin Wallace Game”

This is one of Martin Wallace’s newer games. I introduce it to people who are fans of his game designs as his idea of a fluff game. For those who may not be familiar with his games he tends to create heavier games with more mechanisms in them. I like those types of games but know they are not for everyone. That being said this is a much lighter game than he normally does. I enjoy the game very much and have gotten the 1st expansion and am waiting on a game order which has the second expansion in it. Rather than going into a detailed explanation of the game(for that I recommend going to the Osprey Games website and watching the video) I want to mention why I liked the game. First, the game overall appearance is very nice. The miniatures are nicely detailed and were done with a black wash so details stand out even without painting the miniatures. The game board is 2 sided with the outdoors side adding some additional game rules. The game components are in fitted plastic trays with clear covers on each of the 2 trays so the components do not scatter all over the box when taking the game to your game night. The rules are clearly written so you should not have arguing over what happens when. A player has 2 ways to earn points and will probably do a combination to win the game. If you want a solid game that plays in 1 to 1 1/2 hours playtime I can strongly recommend this game.


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