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Vindication - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 2018
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Seek vindication after a life of greed and treachery in this highly strategic, fantasy-based tabletop board game for 2-5 players. Manage your personal attributes wisely and call on your conviction as you leverage your influence to gain companions, control locations, acquire mysterious relics, bash horrific monsters and (if it’s your style) snuggle some seriously exotic pets.

Go Deeper with Thought-Provoking Resource Mechanics
On the path to renewal the most important provisions come from within, and when the resources you’re managing are the attributes of self – pushing blocks around takes on a whole new level of fulfillment. Grow in inspiration, strength, and knowledge and combine these attributes to obtain courage, wisdom, and vision, then use what you have learned as you travel the land, searching for your future amongst the ruins of the past.

Forge Your Path, Restore Your Honor, Do Awesome Things
Find vindication in the methods that most appeal to you. Form a party of companions, develop new traits, search for relics, battle monsters, acquire pets, craft jewels, or leave it all to chance and just hang out by the wishing well. With variable end-game triggers and a modular map comprised of nearly twenty unique locations to visit, no two roads to redemption will be the same. The fates have given you a second chance – and plenty to do along the way.

Reach for More, Unlock Your Full Potential
Don’t dwell on who you’ve been in the past; lean into the future and reveal the full dimension of who you’re becoming. As you increase your honor you will find opportunities to release your potential and expand your capacities, ultimately discovering within that which you lacked in your years wasted on treachery and greed – the power and potency of true conviction.

Explore Your New Surroundings, Then Claim Them
Your quest for honor will lead you to ancient tombs, magical towers, and questionable inns. You’ll study at libraries, train at forts, and meditate at monasteries. There’s a big gnarly pit pumping out monsters, and peaceful shrines where you can rest up in between it all. And along the way you may find there’s value in being more than a visitor, that your honor bids you take control; call upon your conviction and take your rightful place in this wild and broken land.

Brace Yourself for Component Euphoria
Have your expectations forever changed by your new haul of material bliss: Gorgeous metal pieces everywhere, 3mm black-core punchboards with a density comparable to light wood, world class miniatures of impressive scale and striking designs, linen-finished black-core die-cut cards, a Gametrayz system that reduces setup time to almost nothing, and a lusciously smooth double-sided map. Even the wooden blocks are uniquely tinted and distinguished. This is the game we wanted to make – it is the game you deserve.

Take Tons of Extra Content for Granted
Never worry about replay value as you behold your heaping mountainous pile of extra material! Swap out variable tile sets to keep the island fresh. Determine conflict levels with the optional Treachery expansion. Like pets? What a silly question. Band together for a collaborative mid-game event in the Myths & Wonders expansion as you battle Ronak, Earth Trembler – then sort through the wreckage for the coolest loot. Or align yourselves with one of the island’s secretive collectives in Guilds & Monuments, leveraging their favor for special abilities and risking your time and energy on their cause in hopes of yielding massive returns. Too much good stuff? We think not.

Lose Yourself in an Ancient and Mysterious World
The journey you’re on is important and the stakes are high, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and take stock along the way! Hundreds of stunning illustrations by over twenty creators from across the globe come together to bring this rich and fascinating world of lost civilizations and intriguing mysteries to life. To celebrate the inventive and diverse beauty of this collaboration, every copy of the game includes the gorgeous Art and Lore of the Awakening booklet, ensuring trips to the restroom won’t mean a break in immersion.

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“A spectacular adventure euro”

Orange Nebula published a beautiful looking adventure euro


Running in almost opposition to another favorite of mine, Dark Domains, you play a wretched adventurer thrown off of a boat who washes ashore on an island where you are found by your first companion, as a fire of inspiration is lit within you you vow to explore this new island while seeking to redeem your past misdeeds. Each round you (in any order) move, activate your power and your companions’ powers gaining stats and abilities, and use (and possibly gain control over) a building. Controlling buildings your opponent uses gains you honor (VP) as does gathering new companions, claiming relics, gaining new traits, upgrading your movement speed, and vanquishing monsters.

Movement is done between the hexes, you can move up to 2 spaces initially, you can go through occupied spaces but not land on occupied spaces

Using your or your companion skills will cause you to exert influence to gain one of 3 basic stats as well as possibly activating a companion’s special powers. Influence is limited however (more on what that might mean later)

Activating buildings allows you to use a building based off cost. Some you can repeatedly use, some you can only use at most once per turn.

You also have free actions. Spending 3 cubes from a stat for example can give you a specialization tile which counts as 2 cards from that stat (which can help you win majority of that stat at end game) You can combine 2 different base stat cubes to get one advanced stat cube and returning a cube to your influence supply. You can recall influence from a companion (causing them to abandon you and costing you honor, told you there’d be more on what limited influence might mean later) as well as other free actions

As an aside, this might be the most organized rulebook I have ever seen. Almost every time a rule is mentioned, they tell you what page in the rulebook you need to go to to get further details. Why don’t ALL rulebooks do this?! Also the Game Trayz inserts hit it out of the park again. If I were Dictator of Board Games I would require ALL board games to have game trayz and rulebook’s like Vindication. One more thing, and sit down for this one, they have a start player rule that is not ridiculous. It is based off the numbered spot you randomly start on. No “start player is the last person to purchase wood pulp from a prominent clergyman” or something like that

The Bad

Depending on the random game end conditions, the game might end really fast, this might be fixed by playing again though, so is it bad? Who can say

In conclusion

Play it now dagnabbit!


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