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Manage your workers.

Plan your moves.

Gather resources.

Learn new technologies.

Build a Legend.

It is the 17th century and Louis XIV of France wishes to rebuild his father’s hunting lodge into a palace worthy of the Sun King. The plans are magnificent and to make them come true the King will need an army of craftsmen and a handful of master builders, ready create an architectonic jewel likes of which the world had never seen before. Although building the proud palace and the breathtaking gardens requires many able hands, in the end only one master builder will gain the Sun King’s greatest favour and gratitude. Will you be the one who builds the legend?

In Versailles 2-5 players become master builders competing over the favour of King Louis XIV and the title of main architect of the legendary palace. Every turn a player moves one or more of their workers through a network of locations. Each location provides valuable resources or a way to spend them on tiles representing parts of the palace and its surrounding gardens, on decorations and technologies that bolster gathering and building abilities. A unique movement and location activation system requires clever workforce management which makes every move count and makes every game tense right to the end, when a single master builder is chosen to be the King’s personal architect.

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