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Turbulence (Second Edition) - Board Game Box Shot

Turbulence (Second Edition)

| Published: 2014

The Airplane Strategy Game

It’s August 1981 in the midst of the Air Traffic Controller Strike. President Reagan has just ordered all controllers back to work. You determined to keep your job, have returned – only to find the situation is even more turbulent than before: more planes, less controllers, and high competition.

In this turbulent game you control 7 planes, of which 5 must reach your landing strip to win! You have three actions each turn with which you may:

  • Take-Off - move one airplane onto the Air Currents
  • Move across one Air Current
  • Rotate - turn one air tile right or left one turn
  • Swap - swap two tiles

Seems simple right? Not exactly. Rotating and Swapping can only be done if your planes are touching the tiles. The more planes you have on the board, the more power you have. In the mean time your opponent will be trying to get their planes in and pushing or crashing (yes you can collide into other planes) to prevent you from getting there first! You'll be swapping, pushing, rotating, crashing, landing, taking-off, and triple pushing in this game of TURBULENCE.

Turbulence Components
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NOTE: This game's newest edition was made available by The Game Crafter as part of a game bundle with the Kickstarter campaign for The Captain Is Dead.

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