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In this snarky game of competitive philanthropy, YOU are a genius billionaire philanthropist who has modestly taken on the task of saving humankind from an apocalyptic tsunami.

Over the course of the game, you strive to build the best modern-day Noah’s Ark by competing for limited resources, bidding on crew members, collecting rare artifacts of civilization, managing cargo, and mitigating the risk of the impending apocalypse. At the end of the game, the tsunami hits and only careful preparation, boundless genius, and a hint of luck will keep you afloat.

But be careful – only one person’s name can go down in the history books as the savior of human kind, and you aren’t the only genius billionaire philanthropist on the block. Do YOU have what it takes to become the preeminent savior of the human race?

Tsunami! combines snark, strategy, and easy-to-learn rules, making it ideal for both introductory gamers as well as seasoned board game geeks.

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