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Trains and Stations - Board Game Box Shot

Trains and Stations

| Published: 2013
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It is the height of the Steam Age and the whistle of the Iron Horse harkens the boom of small towns across the country into major hubs of transportation and economic growth.

In Trains and Stations, a new take on train games, players must make deliveries, develop buildings, and profit from their decisions while working with and against other players. Will you focus on establishing mining operations in an attempt to gain a monopoly on coal, silver and gold? Or perhaps you will focus on laying tracks across the landscape and helping other players move their goods – taking your cut, of course. Every game will evolve differently with unique twists and turns as you control the movement of goods across the game map!

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“A decent little time filler”

I recently saw this game for £3 and figure ‘How bad can it be for that price?’ And honestly, it’s not terrible. It takes about 40 mins and if you’re somebody like me who enjoys a game night of 2-3 small games prior to one massive one then it’s worth picking up a copy.

The main focus of the game is completing deliveries using your trains (dice). Whenever 2 or more cities are linked by a track of dice, 4 rounds of scoring points are triggered. It’s borderline impossible to control the board in such a way that your opponent doesn’t score points on your delivery, as you don’t even need to contribute a single dice to get some form of reward! This opens up interesting strategy options where you find yourself picking the ‘least-bad’ option and help your opponent out less than yourself.

Overall the mechanics and strategies work nicely. It initially seemed un-balanced due to some delivery routes being much short than others, but you soon realise that the bonuses they reward you with on completion are equally minimal.

My main gripe with the game is the playing pieces. The buildings which you can errect at staions for bonus loot are far too small, and some of the players colours are too close to each other. With all of the colours out there to chose from, an almost identical dark blue and purple was a bizzare choice.

If you can handle squinting in the scoring phase as you establish exactly whose train that is though, then give it a go.


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