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Trailblazer - Board Game Box Shot


Trailblazer: Can you trade your way to riches?

TRAILBLAZER is the space game of free market exploration and exploitation. The productive and efficient thrive beyond the realm of government. Players build their commercial dynasties with fleets, factors, products and skill. A Turn includes Product Purchase, Fleet Movement, Star Exploration, Product Sales and Maintenance. Players discover new systems and buy and sell various goods based on what the planets produce and consume. Supply and demand are modeled by fluctuating values based on the numbers of goods sold. Interstellar travel is dangerous and fleets may be randomized away from their intended destination. Victory goes to the best trader and financier. It applies free market economics to the freedom of the stars. TRAILBLAZER is a challenge you won't want to miss if you know the true value of wealth.

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