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The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet - Board Game Box Shot

The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

Recapture the magic of the beloved story, The Little Prince, in this charming planet-building game by Ludonaute, The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet. Inspired by the prince’s adventures and people he met along the way, Make Me A Planet is an imaginative game in which you will build a planet out of sixteen tiles, collecting objects and characters along the way. Too many volcanoes or baobab trees and you may lose some points, but balance the requests of your characters and the characteristics of your planet, and you’ll earn points to take the victory!

Tend Your Planet
All planets in the game are borne of the same stack of tiles, built over the course of sixteen turns. The first player will choose four tiles from the stack of their choice and lay them out to be drafted. Each player may choose who drafts their tile next after they are done, allowing you precise control over who has access to which tile. The last player to go in each turn, however, gets to begin the next turn! The tiles you draft will vary from center planet tiles, various sloping tiles, and the characters who will grant you points at the end of the game.

You’re Responsible for Your Rose
As in The Little Prince’s tale, you must tame the things on your planet to truly make them yours. Each of the eleven characters in the game has a unique request, and will earn you different points for succeeding in collecting the right number of the object in question, be it more or fewer. The King, for example, will give you fourteen points for having exactly one rose on your planet, or seven for having two. If you don’t have any roses, The King will not be able to give you any points at all. Other characters may seek other elements, such as lampposts, snakes, sheep, or even, in the case of the Astronomers, stars in the sky. You may be able to stack these requests, as some characters will appear more than once, and if they are still available to choose, you may take more than one.

The Catastrophe of the Baobabs
The characters aren’t all you need to keep in mind, though, because a couple objects have their own effects. Too many volcanos will force the prince to work hard to keep them clean, so the player with the most at the end of the game will lose a few points. Baobab trees are also constantly trying to overrun the planet, and if you get too many, you must weed them just as the prince did, flipping over their tiles and losing the opportunity to score points for any other objects on them.

It is Sweet to Look At the Sky at Night
When you are finished building your planet and scoring the points to crown a winner, don’t forget to appreciate all that your planets have become. The night sky is full of beauty, and each planet, no matter its baobabs and volcanos, is a part of the bigger picture. As the flower told the prince, "Well, I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.” The charm of your planet should be no different, and you should leave your game of The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet with naught but joy and whimsy.

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